Messaging Hub

Effortless FIN MT and ISO 20022 message management on-premises.

Prowide Messaging Hub simplifies FIN MT and ISO 20022 message handling, encompassing translations, routing, message entry, reconciliation, and archiving. Our on-premises platform seamlessly combines interbank messaging expertise with agnostic network connectivity, guaranteeing SWIFT compliance and smooth migration to ISO 20022.

Outbound Flow

  • Gathers user, backoffice, and core system-generated messages
  • Enforces transaction-specific verification and authorization, as configured
  • Translates to ISO-20022 and proprietary formats
  • Validates for standard compliance
  • Sends messages to SWIFT or clearing

Inbound Flow

  • Receives messages from SWIFT, clearing systems, or market infrastructure
  • Performs ISO-20022 and proprietary format translations, if needed
  • Monitors and reconciles ACKs and xsys notifications
  • Routes messages to appropriate destinations within the local systems

Key Benefits

  • Unified View: A single application for all message types, supporting MT and ISO 20022 messages.
  • Facilitate ISO 20022 Migration: Smooth transition to the new standards.
  • Streamline Connections: Connect seamlessly to SWIFT Network, Correspondent Banks, Service Bureaus, Market Infrastructures, or Clearing Houses.
  • Stay Current: Guaranteed adherence to global messaging standards, keeping your systems up-to-date.
  • Rapid Implementation: Smooth installation with a light footprint and support for the required integrations.
  • Risk Mitigation: Flexible routing and filtering capabilities ensure efficient message flow.
  • Advanced Security: Robust security features, including role-based access control, 4-eyes principle compliance and data segregation.
key functionalities

Main Features

Message Entry

The message entry feature offers web forms for creating or repairing MT or MX message types in the GUI. Messages are validated for compliance, and you can also incorporate verification and authorization into the process. Additionally, templates can be saved for recurring interchanges.

ISO 20022 translations

Our system ensures an effortless shift to ISO 20022. It automatically converts MT messages to ISO 20022 and vice versa, supporting various clearings and market infrastructure like CBPR+, SIC, RITS, SCRIPS, CHATS, T2 and LYNX.


The message processing is orchestrated by a customizable workflow. Typical message flows are already configured to shorten implementation time, and this can be dynamically changed to tailor the behaviour for specific needs.

Custom formats

Format mappings can be used to digest CSV, JSON, FIXED-LENGTH or custom XML files. Seamlessly, the internal MT or MX message data can be sent to back-office systems in proprietary files.

Search & reporting

Data can be queried with intuitive search filters and full-text-search. Users can export results in Excel and XML formats, while the straightforward database model allows for effortless direct data extraction.

Security & monitoring

Our system employs role-based user access control with support for externalized authentication, and preserves session information, audit records, and detailed message processing traces. User profiles enable data segregation for fine-grained protection.

Networks integration

Messages can be sent and received through SWIFT Alliance Access or SWIFT Alliance Lite installation. Other clearings and networks can be connected via MQ, file system directories or REST.


A REST API exposes secured endpoints for the key application features. The REST API coexists with the GUI, therefore enabling direct integration with back-office applications, while keeping the GUI as an entry point for operators and administrators.


The application adeptly matches ACKs and xsys notifications with their respective original sent messages, guaranteeing comprehensive message tracking and reconciliation.


Our optional Matching module allows for real-time MT message reconciliation, making it a great choice for organizations in search of in-house solutions for matching trade and confirmation operations. Read more

Usage scenarios

Use Cases

Prowide Messaging Hub is a FIN MT and ISO 20022 message management solution tailored to specific target scenarios and requirements.

It is particularly helpful to simplify and renew older SWIFT systems by providing a single and flexible processing unit for all FIN MT and ISO 20022 traffic. Especially suited to automate today's complex message flows.

ISO 20022 migration

The Prowide Messaging Hub serves as a centralized translator, simplifying your ISO 20022 migration process. It allows for a smooth transition from MT to ISO 20022 across various platforms, isolating back office systems from disruptive changes. Additionally, it supports the replacement of legacy applications, ensuring operational reliability and consistency throughout the transition.


Prowide Messaging Hub can be used as a middleware to route and reconcile incoming and outgoing SWIFT message flows between the network and the core systems and back-office applications. The routing rules and the endpoint connectors (AFT and MQ) can be dynamically set up in the GUI to provide automatic messages processing with none to minimal user intervention.

Message Entry & Repair

The Prowide Messaging Hub provides functionality for message creation, validation, repairing, authorization, routing and dispatching to SWIFT. Typical message flows are already configured to shorten implementation time, and this can be dynamically changed at any time to tailor the behaviour for specific needs.

Look & Feel

The business-oriented UI grants effortless access to message process monitoring and system configuration, empowering your efficiency..

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Simplified message handling
Lower operational costs

All redundant SWIFT systems reduced into a single processing unit.

Lower maintenance costs

By localising SWIFT standards maintenance into a single software package.

Lower risks

Insulating users and business applications from SWIFT standard details and changes.

Streamline your SWIFT and ISO 20022 financial gateways into a single message handling app.