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SWIFT standard compliance validator

Adds the capability to validate that an MT or MX message is SWIFT standard compliant

  • Implements all SWIFT format validations rules, including semantics (network rules).
  • Includes BICs and country codes validations.
  • Supports custom rules, it can thus be tailored to fit specific user groups restrictions as MA-CUGs or RTGS.
  • Reduces costs, preventing NAKs and rejections.

Main Features

Validating a message

The message validation is intended to be called after message creation. Validate a message is as simple as instantiating the validation engine, pass the message to validate and verify the result list of validation problems. If the resulting list is empty the message is SWIFT standard compliant. This direct and default procedure can satisfy most of the validation usage scenarios.

An yearly update is provided 6 months in advance of the SWIFT Standard Release go live date. Therefore, the module guarantees that applications build on top of it are always up to date when standards change.

BIC dictionary validation

Prowide Integrator includes the BICImport tool which enables to import a BIC text file from SWIFT's directory into an internal database. This database is then used by Integrator to check the existence of BICs while validating messages.

Standalone tool

Messages validation can be run our of the box from command line without programming at all. This direct usage includes monitoring an input directory and reading each file inside expecting to find SWIFT messages. The content of each file is read, parsed and validated. After validation the the result of the validation is placed on a file with a similar name in an output directory.


Prowide Core (WIFE)

Prowide Core

Open source SWIFT Java library

For organizations that have sufficient internal resources to develop and manage its SWIFT software infrastructure.

Prowide Integrator

Prowide Integrator

SWIFT message development toolkit

For organizations looking for reduced efforts in the implementation and maintenance of its SWIFT software infrastructure.

Prowide Enterprise

Prowide Enterprise

SWIFT messaging platform

For organizations looking for a ready to use SWIFT message management application tailored to its own specific needs.

Validation Pipeline
validation pipeline

The module is conformed by an engine and an extensible set of rules.

The validation rules are classified in four groups and the engine will pass the message for each of the groups in a specific order: structure, fields, semantic and custom.

Structure validation

This rules validate the overall message structure. They check that the message has the mandatory and optional blocks and that the blocks are in correct order. For block 4, they validate each field and each defined sequence of fields checking presence if it is mandatory, allowed repetitions and ordering. The structure is done by an heuristic of field matching against a defined message scheme.

Fields validation

There exists a specific validation rule for each possible SWIFT field and letter option. These fields rules validates the syntax of the field value, parsing each of it components according to the standard and validating each subfield's value regarding length, charset and separators.

Semantic (Network Rules) validation

The semantic rules are validations that involve one or many message's fields or sequences, for example validating conditional presence of a sequence by the content of a field.

Custom (user defined) validation

The set of rules can be easily extended to add any user defined constraints on message's structure, syntax, or semantic. This is particularly useful to add MA-CUGs or RTGS constraints over the default standard definitions.