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The MyFormat module facilitates conversion between SWIFT messages and proprietary data formats.

  • Supports custom translation between SWIFT MT, MX (ISO 20022), XML, FIXED-LENGTH or CSV files.
  • The module takes a source message and a list of mapping rules and produces a new message in the specified target format.
  • The mapping rules can be either programmatically coded, or loaded from an Excel spreadsheet or database.
  • Packaged as a simple Java API library, no mapping tools or code generation required.
Main Features

Main Features

Supported Formats

The supported formats for conversion are SWIFT MT or MX (ISO 20022), FIXED-LENGTH, CSV or XML; where the XML alternative includes message in any proprietary XML format, or any other financial messaging standard based on XML.

Mapping Rules

Format conversion is based on customizable rules. A mapping rule defines how a portion of content from the source message is selected, transformed and set into the target message. A rule is basically composed by the source and target content selectors, plus a combination of optional transformations.

Transformation Functions

A dictionary of 50+ transformation function is available to manipulate content gathered from the source message before setting it into the target message, including string manipulation, date formats, number formats and math operations.

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