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SWIFT format conversions

The MyFormat module facilitates conversion of SWIFT message data into local proprietary formats.

  • Supports custom translation between SWIFT MT, MX, XLS, CSV or XML.
  • The module takes a source message and a list of mapping rules and produces a new message in the specified target format.
  • The mapping rules can be either programmatically coded, or loaded from an Excel spreadsheet or database.

Main Features

Mapping Rules

Format conversion is based on customizable rules. A mapping rule defines how a portion of content from the source message is selected, transformed and set into the target message.

Generic translation

The generic translation uses plain strings as source an target messages, and allows converting any source message to any target message with minimum restrictions.

MT and MX translations

To translate messages between MT and MX formats, specific API is provided, using model objects instead of plain strings. Therefore imposing some restrictions and thereby simplifying the conversion.

Transformation Functions

A dictionary of more than 50 transformation function is available to manipulate content gathered from the source message before setting it into the target message, including string manipulation, date formats, number formats and math operations.

Supported Formats

The supported formats for conversion are SWIFT MT or MX, XLS, CSV or XML; where the XML alternative includes message in any proprietary XML format, or any other financial messaging standard based on XML.


Prowide Core (WIFE)

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