Prowide Enterprise

Prowide Enterprise is a full-stack application that can be customized for any specific SWIFT message management requirement.

The solution is installed on your premises addressing requirements for message creation, repair, authorization, reconciliation, duplicate detection, matching, archiving, routing and local systems integration.

For organizations looking for a ready to use SWIFT message management application tailored to its own specific needs.

Main features

Main Features

Web-based user interface

The application incorporates a business-centered graphical user interface for all operational activities including system administration and monitoring.

All message types

The application seamlessly supports all message categories in the MT (ISO 15022) and MX (ISO 20022) standards.


The message processing is orchestrated by a customizable workflow. Typical message flows are already configured to shorten implementation time, and this can be dynamically changed to tailor the behaviour for specific needs.

SWIFT Connectivity

Messages are sent and received through the institution's SWIFT Alliance Access or SWIFT Alliance Lite installation. Connection can be done using file system and MQ.

Comprehensive reports

Messages can be queried using search filters by message's type, status, reference, date, amount, or user-defined keywords. Reports can be exported to Excel, CSV and PDF.

Security & monitoring

User access control is based on roles. For all transactions, session information and audit entry records are stored. Also, messages preserve a processing trace with a detailed status history.


A REST API exposes secured endpoints for the most important application features. The REST API coexists with the GUI, therefore enabling direct integration with back-office applications, while keeping the GUI as an entry point for operators and administrators.

Optional modules

Optional Modules

The base application features can be expanded with the following optional modules.

GUI Tools

Message entry

The message entry module provides the dynamic generation of web entry forms, to create new messages or to modify existing ones. Any MT or MX message can be created or repaired in the GUI. The validation ensures that the messages are compliant. Templates can be saved for recurrent interchanges.

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Duplicates Detection

Prevents the duplicate emission of outgoing messages and the duplicate processing of incoming messages. The configuration can be defined per message type and matching fields, enabling both full and partial duplicate detection. Duplicate messages can be then either approved or rejected in the GUI.

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Enables real-time matching of messages based on user-defined rules, grouping all messages that belong to the same trade operation. Includes out-of-the-box settings for Treasury and Securities, with similar logic to the discontinued SWIFT Accord.

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Usage scenarios

Use Cases

Prowide Enterprise is a SWIFT message management solution tailored to specific target scenarios and requirements.

It is particularly helpful to simplify and renew older SWIFT systems by providing a single and flexible processing unit for all SWIFT traffic. Especially suited to automate today's complex message flows.

Message Entry & Repair

The solution provides functionality for message creation, validation, repairing, authorization, routing and dispatching to SWIFT. Typical message flows are already configured to shorten implementation time, and this can be dynamically changed at any time to tailor the behaviour for specific needs.

Archive & Warhouse

The solution can also be used as the central repository of all the institution's historic and current SWIFT message interchanges. Comprehensive message searching with support for saved queries is provided, along with message browsing by categories.


Prowide Enterprise can be used as a middleware to route incoming and outgoing SWIFT message flows between the network and the core systems and back-office applications. The routing rules and the endpoint connectors (AFT and MQ) can be dynamically set up in the GUI to provide automatic messages processing with none to minimal user intervention.

Look & Feel


The GUI allows user personalization and branding for white-label installations.

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Key Benefits
Lower operational costs

All redundant SWIFT systems reduced into a single processing unit.

Lower maintenance costs

By localising SWIFT standards maintenance into a single software package.

Lower risks

Insulating users and business applications from SWIFT standard details and changes.

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