Prowide Core (WIFE)

Prowide Core

Open source SWIFT Java library

For organizations that have sufficient internal resources to develop and manage its SWIFT software infrastructure.

Prowide Integrator

Prowide Integrator

SWIFT message development toolkit

For organizations looking for reduced efforts in the implementation and maintenance of its SWIFT software infrastructure.


Whatever the size of your business and your processing volume, a modular design allows us to offer you a solution fitted to your needs, avoiding slow and expensive implementations services.

Prowide SWIFT products

We conceive our products as a composite of reusable components where each product is build on the basis of another.

  • CORE: The central component is the open source library for which we offer professional support services.
  • INTEGRATOR: On top of the open source library, we have the Integrator; that is a software library composed by a range of modules, each providing a specific feature. The Integrator can help you build your own SWIFT messages management application fast and with ease.
  • ENTERPRISE: Finally the Enterprise version is an application, with a ready to use user interface, providing all features from the Integrator modules.

The following list consolidates main features of each product.

Prowide Core (Open Source)
SWIFT message model for MT
SWIFT message parser (SWIFT format to Java)
SWIFT message builder (Java to SWIFT format)
Back and forth conversion of SWIFT messages to proprietary XML and JSON
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Prowide Integrator (API)
SWIFT message model, parser and builder API for MX
SWIFT message standard compliance validation, including semantic rules and BIC codes validation
MT-MX translation; to convert MT messages into its analogous MX version, and vice-versa.
Conversion of SWIFT message data into local proprietary formats (XML, CSV, XLS)
SWIFT message DUPLICATES detection, to avoid NAKs and rejections.
GUI Tools library, including web entry forms to create or edit SWIFT messages.
SWIFT messages MATCHING, with similar logic to the discontinued SWIFT Accord
SWIFT MQ host adaptor implementation, to integrate local applications and SWIFT via MQ.
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Prowide Enterprise (Application)
All features from Prowide Integrator.
Complete web UI for messages creation and management.
Users management with role based access control.
Comprehensive SEARCH and FACET messages browsing
SWIFT message ACK/NAK reconciliation
Professional SUPPORT and integration services
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The open source core component is a unique feature offering you the benefits of:

  • reliability
  • flexibility
  • auditability
  • security
  • fast deployment
  • no hidden lock-ins