Information to grab the library from Maven central repository or Download


compile group: 'com.prowidesoftware', name: 'pw-swift-core', version: 'SRU2019-8.0.1'


If you are using Maven as dependency management you need only to add a <dependency> entry to your project's POM:

You can also check out our listing at maven.org here. The listing is under groupid com.prowidesoftware. and you'll find there POM's and jar downloads for all versions available via Maven.

New releases may take a while to appear at the central repo.


For non-maven projects you need to download the full distribution zip and setup your IDE to include the pw-swift-core jar and the external dependencies in your project classpath.

The latest version is always linked at Download. Previous versions are available at Sourceforge.

The downloaded package is always a single zip file with the full distribution including:

  • pw-swift-core-SRU2019-8.0.1.jar: the library itself
  • pw-swift-core-SRU2019-8.0.1-javadoc.jar: the javadoc, also available online
  • pw-swift-core-SRU2019-8.0.1-sources.jar: the source code, also available at GitHub  
  • lib: required dependency jar files