Prowide Core is an open source Java framework for managing SWIFT messages.

The project, previously known as WIFE, is active since 2006, production ready and commercially supported.

What's included?

  • Java model for ISO 15022 MT (ex: MT103 and Field32A classes, for all MT message categories)
  • Parser from SWIFT (FIN or RJE) into Java
  • Builder API from Java to SWIFT (FIN or RJE)
  • Conversion to JSON and proprietary XML
  • Complementary model suited for persistence
  • IBAN validation

Source Code

The project is hosted at https://github.com/prowide/prowide-core.


This library is released under the Apache License 2.0, which is one of the most business-friendly Open Source licenses available. You can freely extend the library and integrate it into your internal or commercial solution.