Changelog for Prowide Core (WIFE) - Latest Version - Download

Version 7.9.3 LTS version for SRU2017 - October 2017

JRE requirement increased to Java 1.6

  • Added API in BIC to return the distinguished name (DN) for a BIC
  • Added equalsIgnoreCR in Tag to compare values regardless of carriage return character being present or not in new lines
  • Completed the component labels for all fields
  • Changed field 22C structure into individual components for the <SB-LC> function
  • Enhanced fields parse/serialization to preserve any whitespace in a component
  • Fixed MxParser#parseBusinessApplicationHeaderV01 (it was setting the FinInstnId/Nm as BIC)
  • Removed invalid component in field 86J
  • Fixed order of components in fields 98J and 98K

Version 7.9.2 - August 2017 *

  • Fixed FINWriterVisitor to prevent printing 'null' tag values
  • Deprecated custom resource properties for currency and country codes, in favor of Java nativa API in Currency and Locale
  • Removed package-info.class from target jar to avoid class modifier issue in Java8 runtime
  • Fixed serialization of field 50F to allow the first line without a starting forward slash

Version 7.9.1 - June 2017 *

  • (Issue #5) Enhanced performance in SwiftParser
  • Removed sequence API for inner loops (non sequence) in MTs 306, 320, 340, 360, 361, 362, 410, 412, 420, 422, 450, 456

Version 7.9 - May 2017 *

SWIFT Standard release update 2017 (customers version)

  • Yearly revision of deprecation phase Deprecation Policy
  • Added convenient isType(int) to SwiftMessage
  • Fixed amounts() in AmountContainer fields
  • (Issue #2) maven build issues
  • (Issue #3) Field61 component 5 treated as amount
  • (Issue #4) Field72 structure fixed to allow 6 components at most
  • Field99A implements AmountContainer
  • Field95L implements BICContainer

* Internal release available to Support and Early Release customers. Check our Services for a subscription package.