Changelog for Prowide Core (WIFE) - Latest Version - Download

Version 7.9.7 LTS maintenance version for current SRU2017 - April 2018

Dependencies: added gson 2.8.2

  • Added full IBAN validation including control digits and custom account numbers per country
  • Added SwiftCharset and SwiftCharsetUtils helper API to validate SWIFT related charsets
  • Added SwiftTagListBlock#getFieldByQualifiers(name, qualifier, conditionalQualifier) to gather generic fields based on qualifiers content
  • Added addTag(index, tag) and setTag(index, tag) in SwiftTagListBlock to insert new field in specific positions
  • Added Field#is(String ...) to test component 1 of fields against a list of possible values
  • Added non-ISO country code XK (Kosovo) to IsoUtils
  • Added API in IsoUtils to add custom codes for countries and currencies
  • Added read-only properties in AbstractSwiftMessage for the message creation year, month and day of moth
  • Added support for custom split char in RJE reader/writer
  • Fixed missing repetitive 35B in MT549
  • Build migrated to Gradle

Version 7.9.6 - December 2017 *

  • Fixed conversion to XML with compressed parameter true in ConversionService

Version 7.9.5 - December 2017 *

  • Fixed getValueDisplay in field 50F to strip the starting slash in the account number
  • Added getLabelForLineNumber(String subfieldNumber) in Field50F to return the labels for the structured line identifiers
  • Enhanced getComponentLabel(final int number) in Field50F to return proper dynamic labels based on line number identifiers
  • Added getCorrespondentBIC to SwiftMessage and AbstractSwiftMessage
  • Expanded sender/receiver in MtSwiftMessage and MxSwiftMessage from BIC8 to BIC11 in order to keep branch information in those cached attributes
  • Added checksumBody to AbstractSwiftMessage for proprietary checksum calculated on the body only, as a complement to the existing checksum on the whole message
  • Fixed AbstractSwiftMessage#copyTo(msg) implementation to perform hard copy of list objects (similar to a copy constructor implementation)
  • Expanded precision in getValueDisplay for all numeric fields to preserve the decimal digits present in the original value
  • Implemented SwiftMessage#getUUID and added getUID(Calendar, Long)
  • Implemented SwiftMessageUtils#calculateChecksum as MD5 hash on whole FIN message content and added new checksum for the text block only

Version 7.9.4 - November 2017 *

  • Internal code maintenance release

* Internal release available to Support and Early Release customers. Check our Services for a subscription package.