RJE Reader/Writer

Reader and Writer for FIN MT bulk messages files in RJE and PPC formats

RJE Reader/Writer

The RJE, remote job entry, file format is a text file containing multiple FIN messages separated by the '$' symbol.

The RJEReader and RJEWriter are used to read and write bulk files containing multiple FIN MT messages in RJE format with ease.

The RJEReader can be used as an iterator to read the bulk file and access each of the individual messages. The reader can be initialized with a File, Stream or String and it implements the Iterable and Iterator Java interfaces to loop the found messages with ease. The messages can be retrieve in the plain FIN MT format and also parsed into MT objects.

The RJEWriter can take a list of FIN MT message objects and create as output the RJE file. Messages are converted into its FIN representation and written into the output file with proper delimiters and length.

The writer can be used in two different ways:

  • Writing messages directly into given Writer object, using the static write call method.
  • Instantiating the writer for a particular File or stream, calling the write methods and closing the writer when all messages has been written

PPC Reader/Writer

The DOS-PCC is a legacy FIN MT file format. The files can contain multiple messages, as in RJE, but in a more complex structure with specific binary separators and fixed length constraints.

The PPCReader and PPCWriter are used to read and write bulk files containing multiple FIN MT messages in PPC format.

The API is analogous to the one provided to read and write RJE files.