This section contains resources to help you develop your application on top of Prowide platform for SWIFT


  • New Version 7.9.7 has been released: this is the LTS maintenance version for the current SRU 2017
  • Prowide Core 7.10 including the update for SRU 2018 will be available for early release subscribers by May.

What's Prowide Core?

Prowide Core is an open source Java framework for managing SWIFT messages. The project (previously known as WIFE) is active since 2006, production ready and commercially supported.

What's included?

  • Java model for ISO 15022 MT (ex: MT103 and Field32A classes, for all MT message categories)
  • Parser from SWIFT (FIN or RJE) into Java
  • Builder API from Java to SWIFT (FIN or RJE)
  • Conversion to JSON and proprietary XML
  • Complementary model suited for persistence
  • Generic support for ISO 20022 MX
  • IBAN validation

For SWIFT messages validation, comprehensive model for MX, duplicates detection, matching and more, please check our complementary library Prowide Integrator.


For additional support you main share your doubts and problems with our users' community and also contact us for commercial professional support services