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SWIFT MQ connector

The MQ module is an MQ connector specifically designed to easily exchange SWIFT messages with SWIFT Alliance Access.

  • Enables sending and receiving FIN MT (ISO 15022) and MX (ISO 20022) messages in FIN and XML version 2 formats.
  • Provides application integration with the MQ Host Adaptor in SWIFT Alliance Access, facilitating direct message flows between back-office applications or a middle-ware and a SAA message partner.
  • Encapsulates Websphere MQ and ActiveMQ connection libraries in an easy to learn, yet powerful MQ API toolkit.

Main Features

MQ Connector

The connector can seamlessly use WebSphere MQ (from IBM) or ActiveMQ client libraries, isolating the developer from low connectivity details such as MQ message descriptors and connection profiles.

SAA integration

The back-office applications can establish connections to the MQHA by just integrating the MQ module libraries and configuring the message partner in SAA.


The API provides a fast and easy way to get started and incorporate SWIFT over MQ messaging into development projects.
The development can focus on the SWIFT content, while the XML version 2 envelop is properly handled by the module.


Prowide Core (WIFE)

Prowide Core

Open source SWIFT Java library

For organizations that have sufficient internal resources to develop and manage its SWIFT software infrastructure.

Prowide Integrator

Prowide Integrator

SWIFT message development toolkit

For organizations looking for reduced efforts in the implementation and maintenance of its SWIFT software infrastructure.

Prowide Enterprise

Prowide Enterprise

SWIFT messaging platform

For organizations looking for a ready to use SWIFT message management application tailored to its own specific needs.