Prowide Integrator Duplicates

Provides the building-blocks to facilitate the development of a web-based GUI for SWIFT messages.

  • Distributed as library API to ease integration into existing applications.
  • Supports all messages in the MT or MX standard (ISO 20022).
  • Flexible look & feel customization in decoupled CSS.
  • GPI ready: the UETR header field is automatically generated for payments in the GPI SWIFT service.
Main Features

Main Features

Dynamic creation of HTML/Javascript forms

Web-entry forms in HTML and Javascript can be dynamically generated for any message type. A single method call in the containing JSP or servlet generates all the code to render the form in HTML.

Pre-filling and read-only view

The created message forms can be pre-filled with content from existing messages and also be displayed in read-only mode.
This features are particularly useful to implement messages modification and detail in the containing application.


Forms are created with interaction Javascript code for date pickers, combo selection for enumerated values, mandatory elements client-side validations and masked input fields.

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