Prowide Enterprise Modules

Provides the GUI and workflow for messages creation, validation and repairing.

  • Supports all messages in the MT or MX standard (ISO 20022).
  • GPI ready: the UETR header field is automatically generated for payments in the GPI SWIFT service.
  • Implements all SWIFT format validations rules, including semantics (network rules).
  • Creation and authorization actions are split based in user roles.
  • Partial messages can be saved as drafts for later completion.
  • Recurrent messages can be store as templates to have the forms pre-filled.
Main Features

Main Features

Specific forms

Web-entry forms are generated on-the-fly for each message type, including both MT and MX messages. All message blocks can be filled and content can be collapsed or expanded for convenience.
The forms are used to create new messages and to repair existing ones.


The module performs full SWIFT standard compliance validation of the created messages. A basic validation is done first in the front-end, checking mandatory fields and content format; then when the message is submited it is converted to SWIFT format and the validated against message schemas to ensure it will be acked by SWIFT.

Drafts & Templates

Partial messages can be saved as drafts for later completion. Also, recurrent messages can be saved as templates; when a template is loaded the form will be pre-filled with data to simplify the operator's workload.

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