Changelog for Prowide Core (WIFE) - Version 7.5

Version 7.5 for SRU2013 - August 2014


  • Added toJson in SwiftMessage and SwiftTagListBlock, SwiftBlock1 and 2
  • Added to SwiftTagListBlock getFieldByName(String, being)
  • Added to SwiftTagListBlock getFieldByName(String, being, component2)
  • Added to SwiftTagListBlock getFieldByNumber(int , being)
  • Added START_TAG and END_TAG constant to Sequence inner classes
  • Added Sequence.newInstance() method
  • Added static method Field.emptyTag()
  • Added to SwiftTagListBlock append(SwiftTagListBlock)


  • Changed SwiftFormatUtils.getNumber(Number) to allow variable amount of decimal parts without the previous limit of two
  • Added support for national clearing system codes in party identifier components: example 52A starting with //AT123
  • JSON serialization: fixed missing quotes escaping and newline
  • In some occasions, getSequenceA() incorrectly returned null instead of empty sequence as stated in javadoc


  • Refactored Field77A to include 20 independent components instead of just one (current implementation is similar to Field79)
  • Deprecated isAnyOf(String ... names) and added isNameAnyOf(String ... names) semantics of method more clear with its name
  • Changed the semantic of getAccount methods to remove starting slashes if any
  • Some javadoc for BICRecord
  • Added serialization timestamp to JSON generation
  • In Field* void set changed to Class set so we can support the code style new Field().setThis().setThat().setThatToo()
  • Added Field.asTag()
  • Added option in XMLWriterVisitor to serialize field instead of tag