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This section provides information to grab the library via Maven or Download


If you are using Maven as dependency management you need only to add a <dependency> entry to your project's POM:


You can also check out our listing at here. The listing is under groupid com.prowidesoftware. and you'll find there POM's and jar downloads for all versions available via Maven.

The latest version is always uploaded to the central Maven repository, but note that there is usually some delay between our public release and the artifacts availability, due to the repository's own validation and update process.


Direct download is available at under codename wife. The latest version is always linked via our download form here.

The downloadable package is always a single zip file with the full distribution including:

  • pw-swift-core-SRUYYYY-V.V-BYYMMDDHHMM.jar: the library itself
  • src: source code
  • lib: dependency jar files

In order to set up your IDE and start coding you need to include pw-swift-core jar files as well as the external jars listed in the lib directory.

File versioning: The zip and jar files clearly identifies the SWIFT standard release version for which the library supports (ex: SRU2017), the version (example: 7.7) and the build id (ex: B1410151122). Note that the SRU is SWIFT's yearly update of the standard definitions, that normally goes live the 15th of November of the referenced year (for example: SRU2014 is the version alive for the period November 15th 2017 to November 14th 2018)